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Imagine Rick’s an oracle but he just didn’t know it. And he’s been getting all these visions about a boy named Percy Jackson who’s going on all these adventures, and stuff. And he thought it was just him coming up with a great idea, so he wrote a book based off his visions. But then one day, he…

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  • Pjo fan: so who would you rather have as a boyfriend? Percy or Jason?
  • Me: yes please.


People seem to think that Percy is instantly going to turn into this protective and logical boyfriend the moment Annabeth tells him that she’s pregnant, but I think that Percy is going to be a total seaweed brain and ask her, “Is it going to come out of your head, or…?” 

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It’s August 18th! Whoop whoop

  • Percy’s birthday
  • Percabeth’s anniversary
  • Battle at Manhattan anniversary
  • Rachel became the oracle

Happy August 18th demigods!